We can show off a few things …

Solar-parks achieving worldwide good returns. Many countries are supporting with State funding the conversion of renewable, environment-friendly energy out of photovoltaic.

In Germany, we successfully completed several largely projects between 5 and 8.5 MWp in 2011 – and can fall back with it on more than 17 years of experiences in the business of Photovoltaic.

Gladly we would like to convince also you of our ability!

Extract PV-Systems :

Solar-Park Ebern
2.5 MWp
Solar-Park Delitzsch
3.7 MWp
PV-System Reichardtswerben
7.5 MWp

PV-System Bollberg
3.3 MWp

PV-System Ruttersdorf
2.1 MWp
PV-System Wachstedt
4 MWp

PV-System Eisenberg Nord
1.2 MWp
PV-System Eisenberg Süd
500 KWp
PV-System Chemnitz
998 KWp
PV-System Hainspitz
2.7 MWp
PV-System Letzlingen
1.9 MWp
PV-System Wünschendorf
1.6 MWp