Before the realisation it is checked for promising feasibility

Before every project, next to the technical practicability, also all aspects are tested for a long service life. At the same time our assessments also stand up to external reports.

Planning and Development

Attentive planning is a condition for a successful realisation — we can meet the high standards expected and provide for a timely completion.

The optimal cooperating of all components and factors guarantees highest efficiency for long time

Finally through some of our patent registered system components we contribute to efficient time and costs saving.

Scale of Benefits:

  • Surface analysis / Soil conditions evaluation
  • Measurement
  • Complete project management (inclusive selection of solar modules)
  • Ascertainment / planning entry points
  • Interface to the energy provider
  • Environmental compatibility assessment
  • Funding and financing alternatives
  • Selection of high-quality components
  • Production process
  • Economical mounting
  • Monitoring and surveillance
  • Insurance
  • Guarantees and warranties

Construction Progress (Video)