We stand the challenge:

Open-space systems

No matter which soil conditions exists: Whether spongy subsoil, sandy soil or bedrock — SOLARTECHNIK SÜD GmbH seeks challenges and offers variable systems and the competence of optimal solution for photovoltaic systems in the open space.


Rooftop systems: sophisticated solutions to the last detail.

To the current moment, a photovoltaic system can be installed on almost every roof surface. We offer individually developed solutions, that makes the mounting simply and the use of material as it is necessary for a safe and resilient installation.


Carports: Large capacity parking area completely from one source.

The Carport-solutions from SOLARTECHNIK SÜD GmbH are highly presentable: modern design and a successful manufacturing concept is fulfilling your design wishes – regardless if you wish to park 10, 100 or 1000 vehicles under.

Cartigliano, Italy