SOLARTECNIK SÜD GmbH - high engineer art forges customer utility.

SOLARTECHNIK SÜD GmbH – we are a global partner and general contractor / EPC in the development, design, and manufacturing of certified substructure systems, as well as for complete solutions of photovoltaic plants in open areas, on roof surfaces, and various carport concepts.

On our in-house development in the field of assembly systems, we have the world's first solar patent. We are specialized in solid, ergonomic, and economical substructure systems. They allow a significant reduction in assembly times and show at the same time an excellent stability and robustness. Our slide-in technology allows mounting of all common types of module sinless than 10 seconds –on open areas a construction time of less than 4 minutes per square meter can be accomplished, even at night! We solely use premium materials such as forged or extruded aluminum and stainless steel. The open land system can be adapted to all floor conditions as well as wind and snow loads quickly and easily.

The construction allows all common mounting angles of the modules (usually from10° to 30°), which are protected from theft with a patented anti-theft system. Furthermore, we offer solutions for carports with slide-in technology and trapezoidal sheet metal. Solutions for this are available with two or more pillars, but also in the form of rampant constructions.

We are a privately owned company with the development and design office in Munich and a manufacturing facility in Ulm. We rely on customer benefits and satisfaction, and our experience in solar technology since 1995. We look forward to a win-win based collaboration worldwide!